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We are Mitch and Kelli Crystal and we have a daughter named Haley, and two sons named Tate and Cord.  Our goal is to raise highly competitive show wethers and does that will compete at any level.  We have been in the goat business since 2004.  We bought a group of does from the Love Family in Texas and several groups from Kenneth Helms also.  We began buying and leasing bucks from Kenneth as well.  We kept back the best does every year and added a few new does from time to time from such breeders as Schafer Farms, Hutto, and Helms.  The past few years, we added No Step Ranch genetics to our herd by purchasing a couple of bucks and acquiring a couple of does from them.  We have raised 2 Kansas State Fair Grand Champions, 1 Kansas Jr. Livestock Show Reserve Champion, 1 Reserve Lightweight Division Champion at the American Royal, 1 Minnesota State Fair Grand Champion, 1 Minnesota State Fair Reserve Champion and most recently, 1 Louisiana State Fair Reserve Champion.  We have also raised numerous county fair and jackpot champions in several different states.   Please feel free to contact us.  We would love to help you find what you are looking for. 



Here is a buck called "Jayhawk" that we raised out of one of our Helms 63 (S100 son) daughters and our No Step Ranch "Mighty Tex" buck.

Here is "Jayhawk" as he is growing up at his new home in Iowa Park, TX with the Cure Family.

This is our new buck we purchased from The Fosters at No Step Ranch in Sterling, Texas.  He is a "Freak" son.

We flushed three does in 2013 that were bred to him and used him extensively with a lot of our other does.

One of the does that we flushed was "Jayhawk's" mom who is a Helms 63 (S100 son) daughter.

One of the does was a No Step Ranch Mini Me doe and one of the does was a Bill Mein Swagger doe.

These kids are now on the ground as well as natural kids out of him and they are awesome.

If you are interested in any of these kids, feel free to contact us.

We also have some kids out of our double bred "Mini me"buck called "Stinger"

and a handful out of our "Mighty Tex" buck that we recently sold to Jason Miller in Texas.